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oh wow !

Its been forever since I posted on LJ!
I miss my account very very much <3

Lately, I've just been too busy. It makes me sad yet I love that I'm being productive.

First semester of college is coming to an end and I have to strive harder to achieve better grades. I feel that I am slacking but I must pick myself back up!
My final presentation project with a friend for Introduction to Fashion class was GREAT. Overall I got a A+.

On the other hand, Excel for business isn't going so well. I'm confused and lost. SOMEONE HELP ME.

Working at Aeropostale Flagship in Times Square has been joyful yet stressful too. With holidays and sales, the store becomes pact and obnoxious. I love being a cashier and greeter but sales associate..... ehhh not so much. lol I still do my best!

My friends have been distancing from me... maybe because they're busy too and we just don't have that second to see one another.

okay, its about time I head to class now. So long for now :)