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Aug. 18th, 2010

oreo cheesecake

My first time making cheese cake ! DELICIOUS

Aug. 8th, 2010


YAY ! :D I'm back from Bahamas!

It was soooooo much fun. Though it did have its ups and downs overall it was great.
~ I did not gain any weight from eating lol

The food was delicious especially the desserts/pastries!!! ughhh I fell in love once I saw the menus for it! <3

I spent most of my day time on ship with Jasper and Bibi. At night we danced or drank the night away with a group of wonderful people I met.

Orlando, Florida couldve been better but it was just way wayyyy wayyyyyy to hot. >: I got dark instantly. I did get the chance to dig a big hole for me to lay in haha.

~ Nassau Bahamas was a nice private island that NCL took over for the day. It was pact with people from the ship. Buffets and Dj/ musicians were there to keep us busy. The beach was beautiful. It was crystal tint blue clear. Jasper bibi and I got snorkeling equipments to look at fishes! -_- but we didnt really see anything... lol

the next day at bahamas was the cherry on top ! !  ! ! 
Took a taxi to Atlantis; explored the place and went to Cabbage beach to JET SKI. I was the one driving it and bibi sat in the back. We had so much fun, it is definitely a thrill to experience.

After wards we took a taxi back to the ship to change and get comfortable.

So for lunch we went to SENOR FROG. That place is legit FUN and if you want to get wasteddddd. Its the best place to go ! :D I had about5-6 drinks. ~! I was a little tipsyyy but not so much. My tolerance didn't fail me lol <3 I had a chicken enchilada/burrito I think... whatever it was it tasted wonderfully down my throat into my stomach. lol

Shopping was next! I bought a really cute bracelet. Jasper bought liqiour and rum cake,  bibi bought souvenirs.

Every morning I woke up I was a little grumpy and wasnt in the mood for anything until I was doing something productive. Also the reason for that is I cant stand having people around me with negativity and people who are indecisive. its like COME ON NOW MAKE UP YOUR MIND , STOP ASKING ME.

the next 2 days the ship was at sea. I worked out, did some karaoke with jasper and bibi. Ate, slept, danced, played games, tan... it was relaxing.

Now that I'm back I got to focus on college. I start registering for my classes this coming tuesday. I'm pretty excited.

Jul. 29th, 2010

Ajisen !

Ramen and terikyaki Chicken made a great lunch! :D

dress up fun!

Jul. 28th, 2010

egg tart FAIL :C

This morning I tried making egg tarts, yes the ones you can eat at any chinese Dim Sum restaurant!

~ well... it didnt come out exactly how it should be because I used fat free milk instead of whole milk... :T also I did not have half and half. I shouldve taken a picture... but any how, I still ate it after it was baked. the pastry was too soft but it tasted like a soft sugar cookie. The filling (egg) didn't come out like jello but thick liquid AND some parts came out like jello. I ate it still lol

so since my egg tarts were a epic fail.. I moved onto making peanut butter cookies! which came out amazingly delicious! (didn't take picture either ._. " )

I didnt have enough peanut so I only ended up making a very small batch.

Jul. 27th, 2010



Angelababy has got to be one of my favorite model/stars in Asia.
She make me awwwww*

I want to grow out my hair like hers... !

Jul. 26th, 2010


~ I was in brooklyn all dayyyyyy... somewhat bored out of my mind but glad that I was out of the house with my mom <3

I had an appointment at the orthodontist but me being lazyy and careless never pick up the house phone so I didn't know my dentist wasn't going to be office until 3pm.

So I met up with my mom, she got a haircut and everything.
I waited patiently, quietly reading magazines that were available.

Than this obese women stepped on my poorrrr foot. She knew she was stepping on my foot but she didn't pick up her feet !! I didn't want to yell so I said ouchh ouch ouchhhhhhh. than she realized -_-"

women: " are you O KAYYYYY?? "
me: glare* how can I be okay when you stepped on my foot without realizing it !!
women: " hope you're okay"
me: *reads magazine. IGNORE THE WOMEN

She came back a few minutes later and when she walked past me she would hold my knees ._. IDK why she is touching me !

btw I'm not mad... lol :)

Jul. 24th, 2010


~ I slept through two buns in my head with the ac blasting high.

I'm now awake and constantly sneezing... ._. Have I caught a cold in SUMMER? lol

So yesterday I had a wonderful time with my friends. We were planning on going to the beach but it started to drizzle so we hung out at 5th ave, ate at starbucks than around the afternoon we went to flushing, Queens. It was FUN. Since i have been there for a very long time everything seemed new to me but the place was kind of deserted in a really strange way.

Of course... if you go to flushing with your friends, you have to go to TOTO! :D Its where my friends and I took photos in puricura machine = photobooths.

After the photos we went to eat at Ajisen. I ordered a Ajisen Ramen noodle bowl. It was pretty good but I had better. There teriyaki chicken was delicious.

I got home around 8-9pm and I saw that my package from ZIPIA arrived! super stokedddddddddd until I realized one item was missing -_-" which was my favorite shirt. :C I'm going to see if I can fix this problem other wise I'm going to be mad and bothered.

Jul. 23rd, 2010


rockaway beach with laaaa girls <3

I'm finally going to get out of the house today! 

Yesterday was so hectic! 
My new bedroom furniture came~ I love it A LOT.
Jasper (brother) bought me cupcakes ! They are so delicious. <3

I ate the yellow one first ! hehe LEMON flavor.

Jul. 21st, 2010

bibi drawing

New Bag!

Just a random bag  I bought on the streets of soho nyc <3 I really like bags with gold! 

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