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18 May
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hello :D
My name is Yvonne but many of my friends like to call me Yvie. It probably doesn't make sense to you but its cute once said. lol

~ I'm a very friendly and down to earth type of person. I love making people happy and laugh around me. I tend to put myself in awkward positions but I break out of it most of the time! People say my appearance is very cold ._. I don't know why but I promise you I'm not! I'm a very conversational, funny, loving, sweet girl! Although.... I am clumsy and sometimes awfully slow :T

FUN FACT! dislike chocolate. ~

Do you know what Pucci Rements (made in japan)are? well.. they're tiny toy life looking figurines of things we use or see everyday! These figurines are my life... I am a HUGE COLLECTOR and still plan on continuing!

I used to sell Japanese 3D nails which were all handmade by me! But I recently stopped due to my laziness ._. I am still willing to make and sell if you say so ! hehe